Following are the issues most important to the Goodhue County DFL:

Affordable Housing

  • We believe everyone should have a safe and affordable place to live. Making affordable housing options available to veterans, students and low-income families is not only the right thing to do. It helps strengthen the economy and our communities. 

Agriculture and Rural Communities

  • Family farms and small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy in our area. Like all our nation’s businesses, they require access to high-speed Internet, quality education, and affordable healthcare. And since they are uniquely vulnerable to natural disasters, we support strong safety nets to provide economic security.


  • A broad consensus of climate scientists has confirmed that climate change is real and that it will lead to more extreme weather, floods, drought, migration, and disease. We believe we must act immediately to address the issue, by committing to renewable and sustainable farming practices. Far from being a blow to our economy, if handled properly, such changes promise to create millions of high-paying jobs, a cleaner environment, and a better future for our children.


  • All people deserve to be treated equally with courtesy and respect. We support equal opportunity for all people regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or religion. This includes equal hiring and housing opportunities, equal pay for equal work, equal access to healthcare, and equal access to education. 


  • We believe investments in infrastructure, including bridges, roads, mass transportation, and high-speed Internet can improve the economy by adding high-paying jobs, protecting the environment, and leveling the playing field for all businesses. We believe small businesses should enjoy the same kinds of incentives and protections as multinational corporations. Further, we support workers’ rights and collective bargaining which results in greater safety, better working conditions, and higher compensation.


  • We believe that public schools are the engine that built the nation and the American Dream. Fully funded quality public schools are not only a great equalizer for children of all backgrounds: they lead to stronger, more vibrant, more prosperous communities. And to better prepare students for the future, we believe in making higher education, including quality Commercial and Technical training, more accessible and affordable. 

Firearm Safety

  • Minnesota has a proud tradition of hunting. Like most Minnesotans, we believe in the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms. But all rights come with responsibility and limits to protect others. Therefore, we support universal background checks, Red Flag laws designed to protect women from domestic violence, limits on the capacity of magazines, and other common-sense measures. 


  • We believe all Minnesotans should have access to quality healthcare, whether that means expanding the Affordable Care Act with a public option, expanding MinnesotaCare, Medicare, and Medicaid, or moving toward a single payer system such as Medicare For All. Likewise, we believe drug prices must be brought under control by allowing imports from Canada, negotiating prices, and government regulation or production of vital drugs such as insulin. Finally, no healthcare plan can be complete without access to mental health services, addiction recovery, and a full range of reproduction and family planning services for women.


  • Immigrants continue to make our nation and our state great. They are the backbone of many of our most essential services – from food production and preparation to healthcare. Indeed, many of our industries could not operate without immigrants. That’s why we support comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients (aka Dreamers). In addition, we believe that our nation has an obligation to welcome our share of refugees who are fleeing violence. 


  • People who have spent a lifetime of work deserve a dignified and secure retirement. That’s why we must act to make certain that our Social Security and Medicare programs remain strong long into the future. In addition, we must prepare to help those over the age of 65 with a full range of long-term care options. 


  • Billionaires should not be allowed to pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than their secretaries or their house cleaners. Nor should they be allowed to evade taxes by investing their profits in a series of complex shell companies and tax havens. We support progressive taxation that promotes both growth and equity. 


  • Minnesotans have long led the nation in voter participation. We believe that we should not only maintain our level of participation. We should improve on it. We cannot let the threat of Covid-19 to limit our ability to vote. That’s why we encourage all Minnesotans to register to vote and to sign up to vote by mail. We also believe that we should eliminate election influence by Dirty Money (money funneled through super PACs by anonymous donors).